DMCA – Copyright

We understand that many users know absolutely nothing about DMCA and Copyright content. They just want to post and have fun but there are rules to the internet pertaining to what you can and cannot upload.


If you are uploading video to our platform something you should keep in mind is Copyright Content. Does your video have a song or music playing in the background? Do you own the Copyright to that? If not, you shouldn’t upload it.

There is an organization who’s entire existence is to crawl the internet and find videos or live streams which have Copyright material in them. If they find uploads with an artists song in the background that is protected by Copyright they will issue a notice to the site, app, server hosting company etc. to remove the content that has been uploaded.

If the host, in this case F4A, doesn’t comply and take down the video or live stream that contains the artists music then they can issue a seize order to have the Server Hosting Company remove the site.

So, how do you help F4A? It’s simple don’t play music in any of the videos you upload. When we are ready to launch live streaming and you begin to use that service, don’t have music playing in your background. This is serious and we understand that to the end user this seems like a petty issue but this can have our site and app banned from hosting companies. So, it’s really major to us.

There are ways to have music in your videos or live streams. You can actually download Royalty Free Music from the YouTube audio library or Facebook also offers Royalty Free Music as well.

If you are the creator, writer, artist and / or composer of the music and own the Copyright then you are perfectly fine to use. If you aren’t then don’t. It will save us lots of headaches down the road.


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