Why Go Pro?

So, you’ve signed up and you are learning your way around the F4A website / App and you see the ad for Go Pro but you haven’t clicked it to get the details.

What is a Pro Membership?

A Pro Membership offers you benefits as you help support this new community’s growth. We aren’t Facebook or Twitter nor are we trying to be. The goal is simple, offer users a place to escape those platforms that have been dominating your life.

F4A is funded 100% by the users. Server upgrades, bandwidth charges, CDN servers, development is all supported by the community itself.

Donations from users paid to produce and create the apps that you can find on Apple and Google.

So, you support us and we continue to grow and develop a better experience for you.


As a Pro Member you unlock features that are not accessible to the free membership level.

You receive a blue check mark which is a badge showing that you are a certified Pro Member.

You have access to an ad free platform.

You can create groups and build your own house in our house.

You can upload your own videos – (DMCA Compliant)

You support this venture to grow and expand.

Wanna Go Pro?

If you want to upgrade to a Pro Level Membership now is the time and we could use all the support we can get. F4A wants to expand and add features like Live Streaming, Stories and other developments to make the site fun. We can’t do that without your support. If you have already signed up Thank You! If you want to sign up – click the link below.

Go Pro Now